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Private Homes

Whether you need lodging for one person or a group, our inventory has affordable options to fit your needs. Our private home options are within a short distance of Bristol Motor Speedway.

Race Fans


All of our accommodations are personally inspected by Race Lodging, LLC and meet our high standards of being clean, neat and orderly. There is a two-night minimum on all lodging, and some homeowners may require a three-night minimum.

Large Groups

If you have a large group needing more than one home, we have several homes that are in the same neighborhood, many side by side. To book properties that are near one another, please call our office for availability.

Making a Reservation

To make a reservation, click on “Request Property Reservation” at the bottom of the detail page for a particular property. Here you will fill out an application/request for that property. Once you have completed the application, click on “Submit” and your request will be logged into our reservations request.  Or give us a call at 423-764-5454.


You will be contacted confirming receipt of your request within 24 hours Monday through Friday, and on Monday if a request is made over a weekend. Be sure to enter the correct information so we are able to contact you. 

If what you're looking for is not listed or is booked, please go ahead and submit a request. We are viewing and listing new properties daily and what you need may be available but not yet added to the website.


In the event you don’t see what meets your needs you can also give us a call at 423-764-5454.


If you live in the Bristol/Tri-Cities, TN area and would like to list your home with Race Lodging, LLC call our office at 423-764-5454.


Our website receives, on average, 250,000 views monthly from race fans, race teams, sponsors, media companies, travel agencies and others looking for lodging in these areas for NASCAR events.


Please call for details on how to have your home listed with Race Lodging, LLC, the Number One Provider of private accommodations for NASCAR races in the Bristol area. The sooner your list your home, the more likely it will be rented for the next race.

Terms & Rules

It is required that you review the Terms & Rules prior to viewing the accommodations and indicate that you have done so when requesting a property. There is a two-night minimum for all rentals, and some homeowners require a three-night minimum.

Lodging Accommodations

Accommodations consist of a room or rooms in private homes, a suite in a home or an entire home. If you are renting a room in a home, you will have kitchen, den, and television access. If you are renting a detached cottage, garage apartment, or downstairs suite you will have a private entrance, but no access to the owner’s private residence. If you are renting an entire home, you will be given a key or keys.

During the race, Race Lodging, LLC will be available 24 hours a day to address problems that may arise concerning your rental.

Respect for Home, Property, and Others

Race Lodging will collect a damage deposit from all renters. The amount of the deposit is determined by the homeowner. If there is no damage to the premises, the deposit will be returned to the renter within 30 days of their departure. The damage deposit is not refundable for documentable loss or damages. If the amount of the documentable damages exceeds the amount of the damage deposit, the renter will be held fully responsible. Remember, the homeowner is opening their home to you as their guest. Mutual respect is the key to making the relationship work. Noise levels must be kept at a minimum so as not to disturb neighbors and no excessive alcohol is allowed.


The race fan will be required to sign a lease, make a 30% rental deposit and provide the required damage deposit to confirm a reservation. The lease is between the homeowner (landlord), the guest (tenant), and Race Lodging, LLC (agent). The balance is due 45 days prior to the race. For new leases prepared 45 days or less prior to the race the full amount is due at the time of booking. Once within 45 days of the race, we only accept credit cards or certified checks overnight. Time is of the essence in returning your signed lease. In fairness to the homeowners, we will continue to market their property until we receive a signed lease.


Once a reservation is confirmed cancellation more than 45 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, the race fan will receive a full refund of the damage deposit, the 30% rental deposit is nonrefundable. If the race fan cancels within 45 days of his scheduled arrival date, he forfeits as liquidated damages the entire rental obligation specified in the lease. The damage deposit will be returned to the race fan if he cancels, regardless of the cancellation date. All of this is set forth in more detail in the lease agreement.

If a homeowner cancels after having signed a lease with a race fan, Race Lodging, LLC will do our best to re-accommodate the race fan with any additional amounts being the responsibility of the canceling homeowner. If we cannot re-accommodate, we will return all money paid to the renter. The homeowner is responsible for paying Race Lodging, LLC’s commission of the total rental obligation specified in the lease. Race Lodging, LLC will make every effort to relocate the race fan and the homeowner will be responsible for paying any additional lodging costs incurred by the race fan.

Cleaning and Supplies

The homeowner is required to leave their home neat and clean for their guests, with clean sheets on the beds, two sets of clean towels per person, and liquid soap at the sinks and in the showers, and coffee along with non-dairy creamer. Many homes are equipped with grilling facilities. The guests are required to wash the dishes and bag all garbage. Remember, mutual respect is the key to a successful relationship.

Telephone Calls

Race fans are not permitted to charge long-distance calls to the home, although local, credit card and collect calls are fine.

Smoking, Pets

Homeowners do not allow smoking or pets. No excessive alcohol is allowed.

Key Return

Upon your departure, you will drop your keys off at Race Lodging, LLC’s office unless other arrangements have been made.

Re-booking Policy

Race fans have 14 days from departure to request the property they have just occupied for the same race the following year. If we do not hear from the race fan within two weeks of departure, the home or room is made available to other race fans.

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